Alicante - 1st Vegan Tapas Route

Comedy. At Alicante , Alicante, Alicante. Spain.

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Vegan Fest Alicante, wants to celebrate the 1st Vegan Tapas Route in Alicante. This initiative has been carried out in other cities like Valencia and Murcia, so with Alicante having an established vegan festival ... why not make a vegan route in the city?

Our main objective is to make an event for vegans and people who want to enjoy the originality of vegan food. The tapas will cost €2 or €3 with a drink. Each particpating bar will offer at least two types of vegan tapas - so the variety is guaranteed !!!

So make a date to explore Alicante and its cuisine during the 1st Vegan Tapas Route in Alicante.