¡Oh, Cuba! Lorca y Granada

Performing/Visual Arts. At Teatro del Generalife , Calle Real de la Alhambra , s/n, Granada. Spain.

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The show 'Oh, Cuba!' Features several classic flamenco sticks with contemporary touches and touches of Cuban masters Lecuona and Amadeo Roldan fused with classical dances from the Bolero School. The play features the interpretation of actress Loles León. The stage space and audiovisual are the work of Juan Carlos Tamajón. The production is by Lope García and Mariola Orellana, and the address corresponds to Francisco Ortuño Millán.
'Oh, Cuba!' Is based on two main supports: the research work, since it contains unpublished texts that Federico left on the island, as well as poems of his friends Nicolás Guillén and Alejo Carpentier, on the one hand; And the artistic part, where the cast of great artists from both shores: Antonio Carmona (ex Ketama) and the Sevillian Diego Franco compose the music, while the choreography is run by Adrián Galia (Argentina), the dance is from the Gaditana Maribel Gallardo along with the dance body of the Spanish Ballet of Cuba, and sing the Cuban Alina Sanchez and the Jerezans Melchora Ortega and David Lagos.

Oh Cuba! Explores the back and forth relationship between Cuba and Federico Garcia Lorca.


A play with unpublished texts left in Cuban land by the poet from Granada. With poems from his friends Nicolás Guillen and Alejo Carpentier plus other particular testimonies from his colleagues and acquaintances.


Featuring an original music score played live, this is a journey through the classic Palos Flamencos such as the Seguirilla (the play includes more than twelve palos) and some contemporary ones like the Galiana (created by Adrian Galia with an innovative tempo). With a Flamenco Son that flows along the whole play and has also some hybrid moments of Afro-Cuban rhythms (Amadeo Roldán, Caturla, Lecuona, Ñañigan dances) fusioned with traditional flamenco Zapateao or with a modern flamenco-style rap portraying the most radical version of Lorca. Seasoned with classic beats that accompanied Lorca on the island (Prokofiev), flamenco dances that pay homage to our encounter with Cuba and the Escuela Bolera.


With an exceptional team of Spanish and Cuban artists (23 on stage). With Loles León (main performer), Antonio Carmona (Composer) and Adrián Galia (Choreographer). Written and directed by Francisco Ortuño Millán, Flamenco composition by Diego Franco, Lighting by David Picazo, Visuals by Juan Carlos Tamajón, Costume Designer by Mila Bentabol and the special collaboration of Alina Sánchez. The production has an extraordinary group of musicians, bailaores and cantaores, and renowned producer Lope García (SEDA) along with the collaboration of Mariola Orellana (Entre-Arte).


Oh Cuba! will have the presence of the Spanish Ballet of Cuba, featuring its main stars and choreographed by their director Eduardo Veitía.