The appearance of reality. Fifty years of realist art in Spain

Exhibitions. At Carmen Thyssen Museum , C/ Compañía, 10, Málaga, 29008,, Málaga. Spain.

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The exhibition “La apariencia de lo real. Cincuenta años de arte realista en España” creates a game of simulations, appearances and realities, a crossroads between contemporary Spanish realism and the tradition of baroque naturalism.

This dialogue is created by artists from three generations, those born in the 1930s (Amalia Avia, Julio, Francisco López Hernández, María Moreno, Antonio López, Claudio Bravo, Isabel Quintallina), the 1940s (Cristóbal Toral, Eduardo Naranjo) and the 1950s (Gerardo Pita, Manuel Franquelo and César Galicia). Fifty selected works that reflect still lifes, figures, interiors and views, showing connections to the outstanding masters of the Realism of the past.