Festivals. At La Malagueta Bullring , Paseo Reding, 8, 29016 Málaga, Málaga. Spain.

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Singer-songwriter, musician, songwriter, composer, film-maker, painter… Franco Battiato is without any doubt one of the most eclectic and original personalities of the Italian and European cultural scene of the last decades. His music is in constant evolution –romantic, progressive rock, new wave, cultivated, ethnic, incidental, etc.– although his greatest hits stem from pop: ‘Voglio vederti danzare’, ‘Propiedad prohibida’, ‘Bandiera bianca’ and ‘Centro di gravità permanente’. At the age of 72, this very special Sicilian is returning to Malaga to show the public how he continues to extend his horizons, and that his passion and immense musical talent remain intact.

His opening singer Juri Camisasca is a self-taught musician who at the beginning of the1970s released the experimental studio album La finestra dentro (74), at the same time collaborating with Battiato’s first records and the historical avant-garde group il Telaio Magnetico. In 1979 he entered a Benedictine monastery, from which he participated in Genesi, one of the operas written by the author of Mondi lontanissimi, and recorded an album of sacred chants. In 1989 he left monastic life to reinitiate his musical career, composing for Alice and Milva (other Battiato collaborators), editing very spiritual albums, writing for Premiata Forneria Marconi and participating once again as a singer in operas composed by Battiato (Gilgamesh, Telesio).