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Pedro Sánchez first speech as PSOE General Secretary

He was elected Saturday afternoon in an extraordinary Socialist Congress held in Madrid, and hosted by Susana Díaz, who was president of the Congress which proclaimed the new party leader.

Jul 27, 2014 - 1:04 AM
Pedro Sánchez will give a longer speech on Sunday to all the Socialist delegates, but his speech on Saturday afternoon has already made the headlines.


He showed his ambition for power, of taking the Socialist Party into Government, and thought more of the votes to be gained than those which have been lost.

And while the names his new shadow cabinet have not yet been revealed, his two rival candidates, Eduardo Madina and José Antonio Pérez Tapias, are reported to be angry for not being consulted.

But the day belonged to other emotions, with the last speech from Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, who was in the party in the more glorious times of Felipe González.

Pedro Sánchez spoke of his most sincere thanks for Rubalcaba, who is now returning to the university, claiming he had suffered many sleepless nights.

Now the new leader has a difficult task in front of him, to refloat a party which has several election defeats behind it, and also risks being devoured by the parties to the left of its standing, as had been shown with the turnout for Podemos in the European Elections.

‘I want the left to change Spain, once I heard Felipe González say, ‘the left which the Socialist Party represents is the left which dreams of the future which if can change from the present, this Spain.’

I am sure and I undertake to all of you that this General Secretary will spend little time in the headquarters in Calle Feraz, but on the streets with the militants of base.

We are going to plant and create an economic, social, and progressive alternative, to construct a Spain, Señores, where there is nobody and no law which obliges a woman when she can become a mother or not.

In fact I send my children to a public school and I don’t want them to be taught religion but citizen education.

What awaits us is, to be the party of intransient honour and, I’ll tell you something, I swear in this Congress, my pulse won’t tremble when I expel any corrupt in the Socialist Party'.

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