Typically Spanish came online in 1999, initially as a Spanish Directory, and from 2001 we have been providing a news service about Spain in English.

The site has changed considerably since the early days. New technologies and the easy use of audio and video have brought more dynamic pages to the site.

An unexplained loss of the site hit us in 2013 when both site and back up were erased and we lost 37,000 pages of news. We do have a corrupted file containing most of the old stories which we hope to get opened shortly.

Social Media was in its infancy when we started and now we tweet our news to Facebook, Linked In and Google Plus.

We also offer a full RSS service for each of the regions we cover.

The news is broken up into regional sections, and there are regular features such as the Spanish Paper Review and Business Brief, the latter is a Monday to Friday round up of the days Business news in Spain.

We firmly believe that Content is King, and we try to find a dozen or so daily stories of interest for our readers.

The site also has a live guide to aircraft take off and landing times at all Spanish airports, and offers a very wide selection of Holiday Rentals, and Hotels. Our hotel booking service compares the price of many hotel sites and you can easily find the cheapest price.

We have just launched a new directory which covers Spain, the United Kingdom and Ireland, and we offer four day live weather forecast for anywhere in Spain.

Looking to the future we would like to establish contributors from across Spain when financial constraints permit, and we are determined to keep Typically Spanish as a free site when every more news and newspaper sites are starting to charge.

I thank you for your interest in Typically Spanish

Howard Brereton,